Custom Oil Painting - Commission Your Very Own Painting!

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Even after 30 years many iconic figures of gaming have stood the test of time.  Characters like Mario and Link continue to be pillars of new games and bring a sense of nostalgia to each new experience.  Little by little as graphics become more advanced and each new game tries to push the envelope further our favorite characters slowly morph and grow beyond our original experience of them.  Take Link for instance.  The first Zelda game for the NES is nearly unrecognizable compared to The Breath of the Wild.  There is something powerful and endearing in capturing their likeness as you first imagined them. 

That's why I've started making oil paintings of some of my favorite characters from gaming's history.  I played World of Warcraft for nearly 10 years and throughout that time made great friendships and had awesome adventures.  Slowly, I am beginning to forget some of those great times and wanted to capture some of those memories.  So I made an oil painting of my Pandaren Monk I Main Tanked Throne of Thunder with, FatyLumpkins.  Now I can look at that painting and remember all the good times I had and friends I made over those years!

That powerful nostalgic image is different for each of us, but that is the great thing about a painting.  I can work with you to create a lasting likeness of your favorite moments in gaming.  Preserved in a beautiful oil painting with awesome vibrance and detail. 

The process is easy. I make the painting based on your favorite character and we communicate from start to finish to ensure you receive the perfect painting. :)

 Details of the Process:

  • You purchase your custom painting
  • I will personally send you an email so we can collaborate to design your perfect painting.
  • As I reach the halfway mark of the painting being done I will send you a photo of the progress. You can tell me if there is anything you would like me to change.
  • When I am finished with the painting I will send another photo through email to make sure you are 100% happy with it. If not I will make adjustments.
  • I will not ship it to you until you give me the okay 👍
  • I ship my oil paintings with extreme care, it will come to you secured in a box
  • It usually takes about 2 weeks to paint, but can take up to 4 weeks to receive the finished painting from start to finish. 

Details of the Painting:

  • Professional oil paint on high quality wrapped canvas.
  • Variety of sizes are available
  • I will begin painting after the purchase is made
  • Please allow 2 - 8 weeks to receive your painting
  • Each painting is signed and dated by the artist

Please let me know if you have questions about anything, I am here to help!


Customer Reviews

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Best Christmas Gift Ever!

My family recently loss our 16 year old dog and it was toughest on my wife. Olivia’s amazing depiction of our beloved Sadie made it feel like she’s still with us. Not only was her creation fantastic but she was also very engaged throughout the process providing excellent customer service. I’d recommend Olivia most definitely!


Olivia is very talented and easy to work with. The painting is amazing, I love it! I can’t wait to hang it up!

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