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My husband and I once had the opportunity to go to the Dallas Aquarium.  We totally expected to see fish and sharks and jellyfish (which we did).  What we didn't expect was that there would be a baby three-toed sloth who loved to greet people with hugs.

He was sooooooo cute!

Ever since that day I have harbored a secret sloth love.  Here are some of my top picks for sloth gifts that would be sure to win over any sloth lover!


1) Fluffy Sloth Stuffed Animal

Let's get real here. Squishy, soft, cuddly. This is where our list needs to start. Sloths are the perfect cuddle partners and a large plush sloth is just the ticket to cute cuddly nirvana!

2) Sloth Coffee Mug

Time to slow down. Time to enjoy. I don't know about you but I want to be a sloth when I drink my coffee. One. Slow. Sip. At. A. Time.




3) Sloth Coffee Mug

LOOK AT HIM! He is just clinging to a vine that happens to be attached to my neck and I can keep him close to me all day! Such a cutie! This Etsy seller even has multiple varieties and expressions. It's a sloth smorgasbord!




4) Rantanto Cute Canvas Cash Coin Purse, Make up Bag, Cellphone Bag with Handle

A clutch purse is just what you need if wearing a sloth is a bit outside your fashion paradigm, but you need to tote some cuddly cuteness with you all the same. It works as a great mix and match to many cute ensembles and is a great functional piece as a gift to your friends!




5) Morcart Cute Sloth Magnets And 4×6 Inches Magnetic Photo Frame

I never feel like there are enough magnets on the fridge. This cute set really helps to set off a sloth vibe in the kitchen.




6) Stuffed Sloth Lovey

Hey. Sometimes the baby has to like sloths because mommy does. Just saying. This thing is soft, cute, silky. Maybe even sending sloth vibes the babies way will make him sleep easier!?!?!? Maybe?!?!




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