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Our imaginations truly are an amazing part of being human. They bloom around 2-3 years old and continue to explode during much of our childhoods. (It has been such a joy watching our 4 year old develop her imagination and creativity in the past 2 years!)

But at some point many kids grow out of their imaginations, mostly because they begin feeling self conscious about that kind of play and think it to be beneath them. 

And then as we enter into adolescence and adulthood a lot of people stop nurturing that part of their brains and fall out of the habit of thinking in a creative way.

But no worries, I think that even if you have departed from being creative for a period of time or even if you have never considered yourself to be creative, you can start now! 

I will be writing additional blog posts about things you can do to start being imaginative in every day life. Creative thinking enriches our minds, hearts and souls.

So let's begin to be creative thinkers together!

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