Working through artist's block

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I have been an artist for a long time. I would say for the last 20 years. 

My creativity sometimes flourishes and sometimes is practically nonexistent. These shifts don't necessarily seem to stem from any external circumstance, but instead appear to be some kind of subconscious phantom of the artist!

I know I am not alone. Almost every other artist I have known struggles with this art enemy in square format...the dreaded artist's block!

As I have had to work through these creative dead zones over the years, I find that I have an easier time forcing my way through them than I used to. 

I want to share what I have learned with you fellow artist and creative friend!

How to break through the art block - some important points:

- don't waste your time looking and comparing yourself with other artists! As a wise person has said, comparison is indeed the thief of joy.

- take a social media hiatus altogether. When we are constantly feeding our eyes with visual content we dont leave much room for creative thought. I am guilty of this far too often...

- find new books, music, movies, DIY projects. New new new to help kick start your creative energy.

- try to get some alone time to de-stress. Moms and dads, I know this is such a hard thing. My precious alone time used to be taking a run and strapping my daughter in the running stroller when she was young enough to ride in it. Now we just get it when we can! 

- Take an art break for a bit

- Conversely, make yourself paint or draw. It is easy to just never start back up and sometimes this is the only thing to do to get over the hump.

- switch it up. If you paint realistically most of the time try abstraction or visa versa. It can feel very freeing and fun.

Hope these tips help when the dreaded art block comes around again. 💗

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